Life in the Andean highlands can be fascinating and one very important person that plays an important role in the daily life in the páramo is The “Chagra” or Ecuador’s version of a cowboy, this a vanishing lifestyle that has played an important role in the Andes as they are in charge of the cattle among other activities in the “Haciendas”. Ride and dress like a “Chagra” for a day going up and down the hills, enjoy the spectacular views of the Cotopaxi National Park’s surroundings and enjoy a delicious local lunch at a country estate or locally known as “Haciendas”.

Depart Quito early in the morning to enjoy a day of adventure at one of the beautiful local haciendas such as Hacienda “El Porvenir” full of history and tradition. “Guests can choose between ridings through farmlands for two hours or doing a full day tour around the surrounding area. The horses we use are called “Criollos Parameros”. They have adapted to the arduous conditions of the páramo, losing size in the process, but gaining strength and stamina to endure the harshness of their surroundings.

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