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Our trips don’t come off the shelf, there’s no set recipe - they're tailor-made down to the finest detail according to your tastes and interests.  To assist in your trip planning we have divided a number of itinerary ideas which can then be tailored to your interests, preferences and budget, whether you’re looking for relaxation, adventure or a combination of both. Whichever route you choose; the country's unique “haciendas” (ranches) offer high standards as well as an insight into Ecuadorian life, not to mention the amazing lodges in the Amazon Rain Forest and the unparalleled Galapagos Cruises options we have will certainly suit your needs.

How do we do this? Quite simply, we listen to what you want and then carefully design an individual trip to match, working with your budget and with an absolute commitment to quality. We have genuine experts for each and every one of our destinations within Ecuador and Peru, expertise that comes from having travelled many times or lived there. Our specialists will design a trip around you, show you the highlights in a different light, and introduce you to places and experiences that others might miss.

MARITETOUR Travel Agency and Tour Operator, Welcomes you warmly!

We welcome you to Ecuador with open arms; to this beautiful country, full of contrasts and home of the most amazing natural wonders the world has known, such as the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rain Forest. Wherever your interests may lie, and however you like to travel, the beauty of arranging a tailor-made trip is that it will be created uniquely for you, and the inspiration you find here is just a taste of what’s possible. You might want to feed a lifelong passion for wildlife or culture, discover our country by car or even train, or this could be your first step to planning your honeymoon, a celebratory trip or a family adventure, we are ready to meet your expectations.

We began this company some twenty years ago based on my travel experiences along with my loved ones, my desire was always to acquire unique experiences and unforgettable moments, therefore, we specialized in tailor made tours to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and Peru. We also have experience with, corporate and university groups. But we go further, and if you would like to put a spin on a regular holiday, our tailor-made activity trips take you on outdoor pursuits to the backdrop of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery such as the Galapagos National Park. Discover the wide open and endless rush of places like the Amazon rain forests basin; or the Andes range on a walking, trekking or cycling trip. A cultural ride through the Andes to the low lands in the Pacific Ocean is also possible and unforgettable. We've experienced this wonderful country and the activities we offer, and we’ll match the adventure you're after.

We have been working in Quito-Ecuador since 1999, as a IATA approved retail travel agency, and a tour operator, both duly licensed by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism. We are also members of CAPTUR (Chamber of Tourism of Pichincha) among other prestigious organizations that certified our work and reputation.

Our knowledge of the destinations, the quality of services and products, experienced staff and our fairly-priced trips will make your vacation unforgettable. Our staff speaks both English and French.

One of our policies is: “Every client is considered a Very Important Person and we will always give them the best and most personalized service possible”.

We look forward to having you with us and helping you plan your holiday in Ecuador and Peru.

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Ecuador is located in the northwest of South America, right on the equatorial line. This small country covers one of the most diverse regions in the planet. Ecuador has four geographical regions: The Pacific Coast with some marvelous beaches; The Andes, with spectacular snow-capped mountains throughout what is known as the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”, here you will find colorful indigenous markets, colonial cities among other attractions. The Amazon Region is the largest ecosystem in the world, it is the home of the greatest variety of vascular plants and wilderness. Last but not least, The Galapagos Islands famously known worldwide for its pristine environment and recognized by Charles Darwin in his famous book “Origin of Species”, here you will find giant tortoises, marine and land iguanas, sea lions, penguins, among whales, fish, flamingos and flightless cormorants. Ecuador is the country with the most Natural Protected Areas in the American continent, this despite its small territory it is only 256.370 km2!

Countrywide you will find skilled artisans, mostly belonging to indigenous communities, working with local products. Handicraft production represents the indigenous peoples, portraying their religion, legends and imagery.

Ecuador is a multi-racial and multi-cultural nation, there are still thirteen indigenous groups living in the country, this gives unique cultural perspectives in everyone’s daily life. It has a population of over 13.5 million. Ecuadorians are gentle and friendly; you will be warmly welcomed all over the country in large and small cities.

Are you looking for adventure? Ecuador has some of the most tumultuous rivers in the Amazon region. The head waters of the Andes and Jungle Rivers are listed in the top ten places worldwide for rafting and kayaking. Here there are also hiking, biking, scuba diving, horseback riding, trekking and climbing opportunities.

Ecuador is an excellent travel destination year-round thanks to its location directly on the equatorial line.

The general weather trends are: the Amazon region has a warm, humid and rainy climate. The average temperature varies from 23 to 26C (72 to 80 F). In the Andes the climate varies according to the altitude. In Quito: 7C (55F) at night to 26C (78F) at noon, averaging 15C (64F). The Pacific coast is very warm averaging 25C (87F) to 31C (90F) during the year. The Galapagos Islands enjoy warm and dry weather year-round, with an average temperature of 28C (85F).

  • Official name: Republic of Ecuador
  • Area: 256.370 Km2 (110.000 square miles)
  • Capital city: Quito (2.5 million inhabitants) in the Highlands
  • Population (2018): 17.124.235
  • President: Lic. Lenin Moreno(since February 2017)
  • Main Cities: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca
  • Official languages: Spanish and Quichua. English is widely used.
  • Independence date: August 10th
  • Currency: U.S. Dollars (Euros can be easily changed)
  • Religion: Majority Roman Catholic (90%)

ELECTRICITY: 110 volts, 60 cycles AC is used. Most outlets are for two flat prongs. Ecuador uses the NTSC system.


Valid passports are required for entry into Ecuador. No visas are needed for stays of up to 90 days. Before landing, your airline will give you an embark/disembark card to be filled out and presented to the Immigration officer.


Nowadays mostly included in your international airfare.


Travelers with heart problems or high blood pressure should check with their physicians about high-altitude travel, as well as preventive measures for visiting tropical areas. Do not forget that Quito is located at 2800m / 9000f of altitude. NO MALARIA RISK in most of the tourist areas.


Ecuador is known for its fabulous exotic fruits, high quality fish and seafood, and the countless varieties of Andean potatoes. The signature dish of the country is Ceviche, a seafood dish marinated in lemon and onions. Ecuadorian Ceviche is always paired with popcorn! Ceviche can be made of fish, shrimp, shellfish, squid, or all of the above For more information before visiting this unique destination full of adventure, biodiversity and art that brings you into contact with ancestral cultures and nature.


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In ECUADOR, every visitor talks about the weather. Whether it's discussing the rain in the so called “Rain Forest” , or musing that it's 85°F in December from a bar counter.

Ecuadorian weather can be unpredictable in some areas, so we like to discuss it. A lot. Ecuador’s climate is influenced mostly by two major Pacific Ocean Currents and the mighty Andes Mountains. As a result, it doesn’t have the extreme temperatures that other countries at similar latitudes would have. The average temperature is a mild 70°F.

So while the weather can be changeable – it's rarely extreme.

The seasons: Summer and Winter are the most notable by people, depending always where you are. Please see below:

Each region has different factors that affect its climate. The Coast –low lands- is influenced primarily by proximity to warm or cool ocean currents. In contrast, the climate in the Sierra – highlands- varies more as a result of the altitude. The Oriente - Rain Forest or Amazon basin- has a fairly uniform climate that varies only slightly between the two sub-regions. Climate on the Galapagos Islands is both moderated by the ocean currents and affected by the altitude. Throughout Ecuador variation in rainfall primarily determines seasons.

Temperature is determined by altitude. With each ascent of 200 meters in altitude, temperature drops 1° C. This phenomenon is particularly significant in the Sierra or highlands


Climate in the Sierra is divided into levels based on the altitude.

Temperatures ranging from 10° C to 25° C and heavy precipitation. The temperate level experiences rainstorms, hailstorms, and fog. Winter, or the rainy season, lasts from January through June, and the dry season, or summer, from July through December. Most rain falls in April. There is also a short rainy period in early October caused by moisture penetrating the Sierra from the Oriente. Quito and most other populated areas in the Sierra are located at this temperate level. The cold level extends from the temperate zone to 4,650 meters. Here, average temperatures are 3° C to 9° C, and the precipitation often appears in the form of rain, hail, and thick fog. Above 4,650 meters is the frozen level, where peaks are constantly capped in snow and ice, and temperatures range from below zero to 3° C. Precipitation is frequently in the form of snow, fog, and rain.


Rainy Season from December to April 23° C / 75°F to 26° C/80°F

The coolest months are August and September. Rainfall in the Coast decreases from north to south, with vegetation changing from tropical rainforest in the north to tropical savannah to desert in the south.


The Eastern lowlands in the Oriente experience an equatorial climate. Rainfall is abundant, especially in the Andean piedmont, sometimes exceeding 500 centimeters per year. Temperatures average 25° C / 78°F in the western parts of this region. The jungle-covered plains of the Eastern lowlands register high levels of rainfall and temperatures surpassing 28° C / 84°F


Being located on the equator, the Galapagos Islands should have an equatorial climate were it not for the modifying effects of the Peruvian Current. Instead, the climate on the islands follows a pattern more like that of the Sierra than the Coast. At sea level, the land is more like a desert with temperatures of 24° C. / 76°F The eight summer months experience no precipitation, whereas the winter months of January through April have some fog and drizzle, and humidity in the air is felt. Above sea level to an altitude of 450 meters, the islands have a mixture of tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates.

You'll need to be adaptable. So go for layers that you can put on or take off as the temperature changes. Bring a sweater, even in summer; waterproofs to accompany all outdoor activities; sunglasses; comfortable walking shoes and an umbrella.

Don't be fooled into thinking you won't need sunscreen in the summer months – when the sun shines in Ecuador it's quite strong, so wear a high factor and bring a sun hat.