Tapir Jungle Lodge is located at the heart of the Amazon Jungle, Cuyabeno and works alongside with the local community for all activities and services. We have designed unique 4, 5 and 7 tour programs in the Amazon flexible enough, so that everybody will enjoy all the activities, always accompanied by our multilingual guide, and in harmony with the jungle setting.

Tapir Lodge is a pioneer Ecuador Rainforest Lodge built under the premise of respecting the precious ecosystem of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. We are passionate about the environment and therefore, we work to cause the minimum disturbance to wildlife. Tapir Lodge was itself designed to generate the lowest impact in the jungle area, it consists of two towers which use half space a regular jungle lodge uses and can accommodate up to 26 persons
With sustainable and responsible tourism principles in mind, Tapir Lodge is a pioneer in the area of alternative energies, implementing alternative sources of energy for 24 hours. Our own solar panels provide with the enough amount of energy to light the lodge all day, recharge all your electronic devices, and even use electronic equipment during your stay. We also use river water and have a system of bio digesters for served waters.

It includes

    • Native Guide
    • Transport
    • All meals

Does not include

    • Drinks
    • Tickets to the park



Your rainforest adventure starts in Lago Agrio, where our driver will pick you up. A fascinating drive will take you to the northeastern part of the Sucumbios province, while we pass by beautiful rivers and small villages going deeper into the rainforest.

When you arrive at “El Puente” (the bridge), we will have lunch before we continue our way to Tapir lodge crossing down the river by canoe. This part of the trip will give you a taste of the flora and fauna that Cuyabeno has to offer. We will ensure that you and your luggage stay dry during the river ride.

After dinner, your guide will give you an introduction to the Tapir Lodge, the Cuyabeno Reserve and the fascinating experiences planned for your rainforest adventure.


In the morning, after a delicious breakfast at the lodge, we will canoe upstream to explore the unique ecosystem of Laguna Grande. While navigating in the Igapo (flooded forest), you will see (Macrolobium), ancient majestic mimosa trees, which create the ideal habitat for epiphyte plants, such as bromeliads, orchids, ferns and cacti.

We will continue the adventure to “Terra Firme”, where we will take a hike for the rest of the morning. You will get an introduction to the rainforest ecology and see an amazing variety of birds such as woodpeckers, tanagers, macaws and toucans. Here you will have the opportunity to see a couple of monkey species, as well.

After a delicious lunch and time to relax at the lodge, we will navigate back to Laguna Grande to enjoy a wonderful sunset, surrounded by animals of the rainforest as bats, bugs and frogs; and if the weather permits, you will have the opportunity to go swimming and enjoy the lagoon. After a day of adventures, we will return to the lodge where dinner will be waiting. After dinner, you can enjoy refreshments at our bar and join us for a quick night hike around the lodge to explore night wonders of the rain forest.


After breakfast, we will canoe up the Cuyabeno River until we reach the local community where we will experience daily community life and activities like harvesting and cooking. You will have the opportunity to buy handmade crafts that are carefully produced by the locals.

We finish our visit meeting the Shaman at his house where he will share his knowledge about the rainforest and the processes he uses to heal his people. Here you get to experience an ancestral healing ceremony that has been passed on through the generations. In the afternoon, we will meet the local Siona family.

They will show us and invite us to take part in the preparation of cassava bread. This local dish, which is prepared with the yuca (cassava) root, represents an important part of the local diet and the main source of carbs for the indigenous communities of the rainforest. Once you have tried cassava bread, we will head back to Tapir Logde to spend another night in the middle of the jungle.


After breakfast it is time to return to Lago Agrio. You get to enjoy your final canoe trip back to El Puente. From there our driver will take you back to the airport of Lago Agrio.

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