Napo Cultural Center is located on the south bank of Napo River, the largest Ecuadorian of the Amazon and Yasuni National Park. The lodge offers 12 cabins and hosts up to 36 people and direct contact with the Kichwa Community. Try our traditional cuisine and share ancestral rites like the Wayusada Ceremony or the Kichwa Catamaran which emulates our trade routes along the river. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

The Yasuni features 980,000 hectares of beautiful natural rainforest, but this sacred part of our planet is at risk because of deforestation, oil drilling, and contamination. The Kichwa Eco-lodge sets the example in green tourism. Guests will enjoy a host of great activities, including all kinds of excursions into the forest and ample opportunities to learn first-hand how precious this ecosystem really is. The various tour programs are based on the indigenous Kichwa cultural values; you are invited to not only open your mind to adventure but also to whole new perspectives.

On your trip, you might have the chance to experience: Daytime and sunset hikes Parrot clay licks Visiting the Interpretation Center Bird & monkey spotting Climbing the observation tower Participating in community projects Canoeing Brewing the enlivening endemic wayusa tea

It includes

    • Native Guide
    • Transport
    • All meals

Does not include

    • Drinks
    • Tickets to the park


Day 1

Motor boat ride / Wildlife watching / Hiking along “Playas” trail Kayaking (optional)

Day 2:

Visit Añangu Community and “Mama Kuna” trail / Paddle canoeing Wildlife watching / Night walk

Day 3:

Parrot and parakeet clay licks / “Kuri Muyu” Cultural Center

Climb the 40 m. tall canopy tower / Ancestral catamaran

Day 4:

“Samona” trail / Wildlife watching

Visit our 2nd canopy tower / Traditional dinner

Day 5:

Wayusa ritual / Dream interpretation session

Motor boat ride on Napo River

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